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Happy Holidays! (+Feature!)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 3:26 PM

Hello hello. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas, (delayed) Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year. 

While it's not the New Year yet, I want to become a stronger person with more resolve, less fear, more confidence and ambition. I want to excel in..taking care of myself, and my craft. 

With the new year over, I look back and see improvement over this whole year. Like huge stuff. 
January 2014: Eleanor Reborn by Lexi247 More Recently: Guardian by Lexi247 Xanadu by Lexi247 Dyre Camp by Lexi247

December Feature Time

Fallen son of Durin by KarewChtulhu by JustANerd47Bee and Puppycat by Schlissel-artWinter Dream by LynashiWaiting... by emilka1258Atticus 'DeVeaux the Magnificent' DeVeaux by Isho13Blurry Present, Future Past by JulijanaMMerry Christmas by LollypopsnbowsNight of the Nekomata by Lorien077Pigeons by PinchOfPixelDustThe Undersea Story of Water Lily by CaluseGianluigi Buffon by AmericanLassSpring the Trap by SquidHatJenkinsPixel Christmas Tree by UszatyArbuzTreehouse Valley by Kamikaye My Own Song of Fire and IceI could not have foreseen the warmth you would bring to my life,
though your fiery red hair should have been a sign.
Through a sideways smile,
you tell me you could kiss me forever,
and I oblige
in our own little overnight trysts
secluded from the world.
Your pale, icy blue eyes
are like sun showers, flash frozen.
A blizzard that locked away the painful moments of my past,
turning them into nothing more than tiny air pockets
in the solid surface upon which we now walk forward,
hand in hand.
With your touch,
you give me heated sighs
and chilled goosebumps both,
You are my own song of fire and ice.
Emilia im Wind by ZitruseisWinter by emilka1258Saint Nicholas by JesseAcostaGlad Meet You by DPasschier(SHS) Doctor Doom by xXDead-NinjaXxKeyhole Sweater - Lunaria by ObysucaThe beauty of a woman, (Christine) by micr0byotchCome with me by QimaWorksUnspoken by NoxiousFreakSDL Tribute: The Future by moonlight-fox I Cant Keep Your Secrets Anymore14/12/2014
12:46 AM

You ashed your cigarette into my coffee
Of course
I pretended not to see
And you'll pretend not to care when I leave
Far Away
Thats the place Ill be
Past Tense by SardaeYou light up my world by rainbownoteThe Rainbow Marilyn Monroe by Edris-KingfisherMy Heart in Her Favorite Flower by CrimsonSword03Mami Tomoe fanart by ultimatepandaboss The DancerAs I write this I am waiting for him. I can hear his footsteps getting louder and louder as they come toward me. I am completely alone. I do not know where I am and if there is anyone else out there looking for me. In my hand is a knife, and even I don’t know if I intend to use it on him or myself. Either way, this may be the last thing I ever write.
It began about a week ago, as I slept. I was having the strangest dream I've ever had.
At first it was just tapping, like the steps of a tap dancer. It was a low and quiet noise, so faint I wasn’t certain I had heard anything at all. They came through pitch darkness from a source I could not see. They sounded hollow and distant, far too distant for such a quiet noise to travel, and echoed despite not having anything visible to make them echo.
Stranger still was the rhythm. The steps bounced and clicked like a tap dancers, but seemed to follow no pattern at all. They came in bursts of inhuman speed then paused at random interval
Marine existence by RavenseyeTravisLacey~ M I K A S A ~ by KairaWongThe fifth Headshot. by HellAboveHeavenSeason: Fall by MadamElleHerman Hedning by rubbeKireile by sadiztah31Ego by ShinoriDThe Cloudbreaker by kelogsloopsTake A Walk by TheStupidFoxMilford Marina 6 by Psycho-peteChristmas at the Beach by flowerhippie22Sweets by PlebluFellandras by AmberStruthersLabrador commision by radigArtKing of the Forest by Charle-magneHanging Out by MissLemonsTrees Along the Huron River by PatrickBlakemoreHerbstmond by FaejalaNankeen Kestrel (Falco cenchroides) by Kameyo07Today, we are cancelling the Apocalypse... by Dark-IndigoA Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea by yoru-gataGoth Girls - Wednesday Addams by LarissaRiveroThe Rabbit Hole by Epic-EliteCollision by PandanoidNymphalidae by George-B-ArtHaqua by dopplerYGiovane Donna (2014 Edition) by Ciullo-CorporationMany colors by MaleivaBanshee by VincentVanHoofF.X - Irdelle by MeoAgcatMaleficent Triangulation by eliasmadanA winter fairy tale (Taikatalvi) by ArTRefugiuMFascination of Ice by Yenni-VuLink Floyd by KATATATTA Knightlight by professor-theodosiusViktor by ColorGushLollipop by elsanneM I K U - 7th Heaven [Coloured] by KairaWongThe Hand of David by ArythyaSalvation_Dead-End by Qsec[Adoptable] Chocolate chibi [OPEN] by inioliHead in the Clouds by stellar-starlightKey Visual #1 by SECONDARY-TARGETSmile by ricehuntaShades of Color by K-JoaquinItalian Nights by limelinWaiting for spring by Junk-HeartGolden Rough Texture by SiriuslypwnfulTenten-chan by xXNejiten4everXxElsa by G-taleSketch a day - 10 by ellielzaBelle And Arial Zombie Slayers by BunneahmunkeahLittle Maid Girl 3 by rabbitmaskedmangirl 38 by asmuchospossibleSurfing The Urge by SimplexificationOutfit Adopt (Open) - Pacific Rim Breach Dress by Girly-AdoptablesLost ones by VarjopihlajaPurple breakfast by UszatyArbuzCentaur (Monster Girl 02) by CrispyLettuceSamhain by BilliskiWinter Hymnal by VintageLove20Island Bay II - II by LenahiiaTogether Forever by TheRomanceScroogeCounting Stars by xMidnightAuroraxThe Ice King's Wrath by TheanimalparadeNatural Disaster (Commission for Valtrix) by yuukipinkAT: Morning Treasures by MischievousRavenSUPER SMASH VETERANS by dnimllThe Horizon by PlebluPopsicle vs. Superheated Tomato and Basil by PricklyFossilPeridolita Reference by NicoleDaneyEnglish Rose by JessieO17Art Stuff by Hawksfan4848Lady of Winter by alsobrokenHappy HolidA by ARTificialphanTOMRupture by ZMastah94Confinement by OnanymousSnow the Archmage by weeiiialice's dream by kokoteaWren 02 by DPasschierKiki by HaruShadowsBlack Widow Pencil Art by de-SANTOSerenity by Denece-the-sylcoeAssassin's Creed 4 Edward Kenway Wallpaper by HamaruNamikazeHalf Titan by Vasya-MashaShinigami-Neko by djyerbaRaggedy man, Goodnight by JessTheNoobOur Ether is Volatile by VanadiumTaintedBerylMy Origami Angel by UnrehearsedSplendourThor - God of Thunder (mixed media) by QuelchiiWinter is coming by zehogfairySENKETSU!! by MadamElleLovable Freddy by ShawnlabombAlly the Alley Cat [ SPEEDPAINT ] by isolato

What the future also holds- I'd like to have a big raffle when I hit 1000 watchers. For my watchers, of course. 

Happy Holidays. 


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